Little Gem’s Nethies has five star reviews and exceptional feedback from our owners.
Our testimonials speak for themselves.

I bought Ralph from Little Gem’s Nethies. You can tell Gemma was always very kind and gentle with all of the babies as it reflected in the ease of handling. Ralph is nearly a year old now and he’s been such a good boy. Gemma must have put a lot of time in with her bunnies.I am very thankful that Gemma paired Ralph and I up together, was the best decision I made. You won’t be disappointed if you get in touch with her if interested in a rabbit.
Eszter / Malmesbury

We purchased Robbie from Gemma in August 2020. I knew instantly that Gemma had a love for bunnies and I was buying from a reputable breeder. I was kept updated with baby photos as he was growing and was given changeover food and a birth certificate on collection. I trusted her so much that I bought jellybean in November 2020 also! We are still in contact now and she’s only ever a message away whenever I need advice, whether it’s about bonding or general advice about rabbit care. If I add another Nethie to our family it’ll be from Gemma 100%!

Kayleigh / Cirencester

What attracted me to Little Gem’s Nethies was the advert wording, emphasising the importance of finding the right owner, someone who understood the challenges of owning a rabbit. I turned out to be a very picky customer and it took 7 months for ‘the one’ to arrive. It was well worth the wait though. Barney is a super rabbit and it’s been clear since collecting him that he’s been well handled. He’s a real bundle of fun and cuddles with a Nethie are so very special. 

Rachel / Cullompton, Devon

I would 100% recommend Gemma to anyone who’s looking into buying a bunny, from the very start she was lovely and friendly but most importantly made sure I was aware of what I’d need and the type of care they would need which not many breeders do. After placing my deposit I had regular updates and pictures on how my little levi was doing which again most breeders don’t do, she would also update me on Levis’ health all the way up to the day I collected him.☺️

Joey / Alton
We got Coco from Gemma after 9 weeks being born. Gemma is trustworthy and we got all the paperwork done for Coco. She is a reliable person too. Would recommend her to anyone as a genuine breeder. Gemma is very helpful regarding advice on Coco even up to now.All the best. Kris. X
Kris / Essex
I got my little boy Loki from Gemma. He is the most sweetest beautiful boy. He is very gentle, mischievous and very well mannered. Gemma was so lovely throughout, she sent me regular updates in the weeks before I collected him.I got sent so many pics and videos which was so lovely. She sent me pics of his parents and brothers and sisters too. I love how Gemma takes the time to cuddle and play with the babies when they are growing up, which makes them very sociable when you take them home. Collection was easy, she sent him home with a birth certificate and family tree which I didn’t get from my other rabbit breeders.Thank you Gemma 🙂
Ree / London
I picked up our Netherland Dwarf rabbit for my daughter in February 2021 from Gemma Gillett of “Little Gem’s Nethies”, we named him Pretzel. We could not be happier and was immediately impressed by how well cared the bunnies were. Due to the pandemic and keeping safe distance we weren’t able to give Pretzel any cuddles before he was ready to leave his mother but Gemma kept us updated by sending pictures so we could see how well he was growing and it made us more excited each day and we couldn’t wait to bring him home. My daughter was also worried about being allergic so Gemma provided us with some of Pretzel’s fur for my daughter to try and rub on her skin to see if had any reactions, it was an amazing thought! Also Gemma took the time to explain everything to me as I was first time bunny owner.Gemma also had already pot trained Pretzel, what was very helpful.Pretzel came home with all certificates needed, great articles on training, reminders for first vet visits and kept checking in to ensure our transition was going smoothly, all of which we greatly appreciated. Gemma also sent us all the pictures from Pretzel since the day he was born until the date we collected him, she was amazing!!! Pretzel stole our hearts, he loves cuddles, is full of affection, can be quite naughty sometimes by chewing internet cables 😂😂😂, he made friends with our dogs and even with our pet birds. He certainly is a great addition to our family.Gemma is a lovely person, caring, knowledgeable and always work in a professional way.I strongly recommend Little Gem’s. Nethies to anyone looking for a bunny. You will not be disappointed!
Viviane Wheeler / Melksham

Gemma is extremely knowledgable about rabbits and is passionate about their welfare. When we bought our rabbit Charlie from her, she provided a great information pack that explained everything we needed to know to look after our rabbit properly. Since buying him, I have been in touch with Gemma to ask questions or seek advice and she’s always been more than happy to provide the help we needed. Nothing is ever too much trouble. She goes above and beyond in the service she offers and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. We wouldn’t go anywhere else to purchase a rabbit.

Nicola / Chippenham

I have bought 3 bunnies from Gemma, (Niko, Luna and Lexi) and each time she has been very professional and informative. She is also very friendly. She puts the welfare of her rabbits first you can tell they are well looked after. She makes sure you a sent away with everything you need to start you off taking care of your nee pet, including a very detailed care plan. She likes to know the person she is selling to is the best option too 🙂 I would always go to Gemma for any future rabbits and I highly recommend her ❤️

Stacey / Swindon

We can’t recommend Gemma highly enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable and always on hand to answer any questions, even once you’ve taken your rabbit home. Its also clear that the safety and well-being of all the rabbits she breeds comes before anything else. My two rabbits are healthy, happy and confident and Gemma has supported that every step of the way, I completely trust her advice.

Lily / Bath

We bought our lovely rabbits from Gemma last November, Captain Carrot and Dumpling. We wanted two and preferably siblings. The whole experience of enquiring, viewing and taking ownership of the rabbits was very professional but also very personal. Gemma has given us a lot of information and advice regarding the care of the rabbits as we were totally new to them. This care and attention has continued after we brought the rabbits home and Gemma has made sure we and the rabbits have been okay. 

Martin / Calne

I bought Elvis from Gemma in January 2021 and it’s the best decision I ever made! Elvis is the most perfect little bunny and I wouldn’t be without him. From start to finish Gemma has provided on-going support and is only ever a text away if I have any questions or need some advice. I would always recommend Gemma to anyone who is looking to buy a rabbit as you won’t find anyone else who cares more about their animals than her. Thank you again Gemma!

Erin / Alton
We bought our beautiful white Neatherland Dwarf bunny called Elsa from Gemma in 2020. Gemma was amazing from start to finish with her extensive knowledge of the breed she was able to give me all the support and information needed to ensure we were making the best home for our little bunny! She was always at the end of the phone – even offering me support when Elsa went through her neutering. Elsa is the most immaculate and adorable bunny and has become a big part of our family. Gemma is a lovely lady with lovely bunnies – highly recommend!!
Emily / Newbury