The passion for bunnies all started from when I was a young girl. I had an auntie who lived close by who had lots of varying breeds of rabbit, and I always longed for one of my own. I have very fond memories of all the rabbit cuddles I had.

I had my first ever rabbit of my own at 21 and my gang of bunnies started from there. I bought my first Netherland Dwarf rabbit shortly after my first rabbit I adopted, and I became completely obsessed with the breed. I had never found the personality and affection from this breed in any other. I noticed you had to put the work in with Nethies due to their stubborn nature, but they give so much back. They are literally like puppies but in tiny form.

I discovered that people weren’t realising the certain needs and requirements this breed had to have, and I made it my mission to get the information out there and so all these bunnies aren’t mis-sold. I’m forever seeing advertisements of bunnies needing new homes after not being sold correctly, and I wanted to become a breeder that also gets the rabbit welfare message out there. So my breeding days began…

It’s not an easy journey when breeding, there are lots of problems that can arise because you are playing with nature and you can’t control the outcome. I don’t suggest being a breeder unless truly prepared, especially where this breed is concerned. However, when you see beautiful, healthy baby rabbits you know the troubles have been worth it.

I am proud to say that I breed to the best of the breed standard I can. I am not a member of the BRC, but I don’t think that’s the most important thing as I’m sure that people who have bought from me in the past will agree that the babies reflect pure bred Netherland Dwarf qualities, and that’s what I look for. For me, it’s about making sure the bunnies are the best they can be health wise first and keeping in line with the breed standard.

I look back on my rabbit journey and I see where I have come from my early days of just two bunnies, and I could never have envisioned me being where I am now and really helping people understand their bunnies from point of purchase and onwards.

When I see people and families sending in updates, I know that my hard work is worth it and I couldn’t be without my Nethies now. They are a breed that once you have, you stick with for life.