Understanding Rabbit Behaviour

All bunnies (rabbits) have their own behavioural patterns and personality. By understanding each of their characteristics you can figure out any abnormal behaviour and act in advance! Here are a few below:

The Athlete

Rabbits that binky will jump for joy literally. When they binky they jump into the air and click their heels together.

The Hairstylist

Bunnies that fancy themselves in the hair salon will attach themselves to long hair!

The Licker
Some bunnies treat their human parents as one of their own and decide you need to be groomed too! It’s a sign of bonding and trust from your rabbit.
The Cuddler
You can get ones that decide the best place is on your lap or cosied up in your arms. Once again it’s a sign of trust and them treating you as a safe space.
The Possessive One
If you are a bunny parent to more than one, you may find you have a particularly jealous bunny who wants you all to themselves! Leaving the other one out for cuddles, this is quite natural as you will always have a dominant rabbit in a group or pairing.
The Muncher
Some rabbits adopt the explore everything by chewing approach. This can be stopped by rubbing lemon juice or white vinegar in regularly chewed areas. Just make sure everything is severely bunny proofed if you have a chewer!
The Dreamer
Rabbits love to snooze, some more than most! This doesn’t mean they are bored, it’s signs they are relaxed and stress free which is what is needed for happy bunnies.
The Biter
You can, on occasion, have rabbits that like to bite or nip to let you know they are fed up or even want your attention. Don’t see this behaviour as naughty, they aren’t able to communicate vocally such as dogs and cats, and probably just want your attention or to let you know they have had enough of cuddles!
The Watcher
Some rabbits can be quite happy to not interact as much as others but are nosey and watch whats going on. Just don’t leave the treats lying around, because they will have probably noticed you putting them in their hiding place!